Aparthotels or serviced apartments are an excellent solution for those who are looking for a spacious accomodation with hotel like amenities at a reasonable price. If you are visiting the hungarian captial Budapest then you might consider to choose this type of resting place. Aparthotels usually are located in close proximity of the downtown but not too close to the most frequented areas. This has two major boons for you. Firstly you can easily reach the greatest attractions of the city within 30 minutes by foot or public transportation. Secondly because it is not too close to the most crowded areas you can rest in the end of the day in a quiet place. This way you can recharge your travelling batteries. Budapest has many exciting features so you need to be at your best form if you want to explore the city properly. We can higly recommend you one of the best aparthotel Budapest can offer the Fraser Residence. It has all the features you would like from a hotel, but the rooms come at a quite modest renting price.

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